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origin/for-master/folder-sync-hack: okay
v0.92 + 143 commit(s) = a8f5fa9
working directory dirty
"Graham R. Cobb" - eas-daemon: add eas_connection_forget_folders
"Graham R. Cobb" - eas-daemon: workround folder sync when server loses state
Patrick Ohly - eas-daemon: fix eas_connection_forget_folders
uncommitted changes


working directory dirty
uncommitted changes


origin/for-master/cxx-future: okay
origin/for-master/master-next: okay
syncevolution-1-5-3 + 29 commit(s) = edf278fc
working directory dirty
Patrick Ohly - sync: avoid setenv()
Patrick Ohly - SoupTransportAgent: fix disabled SSL checking
Patrick Ohly - docs: replace references (FDO #104936)
Patrick Ohly - test with glib enabled
Patrick Ohly - timeout.h: include glib.h
Patrick Ohly - test with C++11
Patrick Ohly - SuspendFlags: restore printing of messages
Patrick Ohly - test with C++14
Patrick Ohly - connection.cpp: better check for obex-bt:// URLs
Patrick Ohly - gdbus: remove old libdbus-based implementation
Patrick Ohly - syncevo-dbus-server: remove virtual address book
Patrick Ohly - C++: use lambdas instead of boost::lambda,
Patrick Ohly - SyncSource.h: variadic templates
Patrick Ohly - C++: variadic templates in D-Bus bindings
Patrick Ohly - C++: variadic connectSignal()
Patrick Ohly - C++: more modern timeout.h
Patrick Ohly - C++: lambdas instead of static methods
Patrick Ohly - C++: simpler for loops
Patrick Ohly - C++: avoid "using namespace std"
Patrick Ohly - C++: replace boost::shared_ptr, boost::function,
Patrick Ohly - src/async.patch: remove obsolete patch
Patrick Ohly - C++: avoid boost::scope_ptr/array and plain pointers
Patrick Ohly - C++: replace pcrecpp with std::regex
Patrick Ohly - C++: remove more boost headers (tuple, assign, utility)
Patrick Ohly - C++: replace BOOST_TYPEOF
Patrick Ohly - C++: avoid NULL
Patrick Ohly - util.h: remove unused ToString()
Patrick Ohly - C++: instantiate some templates once in
Patrick Ohly - C++: automatically determine iterator types
uncommitted changes

Platform Information

Item Value
cpuinfo model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6132 CPU @ 2.60GHz
memoryinfo MemTotal: 65965932 kB MemFree: 63542304 kB MemAvailable: 64291580 kB
osinfo Linux 5.0.0-37-generic GNU/Linux
libraryinfo glib-2.0: 2.48.2

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libsynthesis-source okay
syncevolution-source okay
activesyncd-source okay
compile skipped
dist skipped
distcheck skipped
Total passed cases (all: 6) 3

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